Seven Ways To Use Essential Oils For Your Well-being

If you are looking for a natural way to relieve pain or improve your well-being, then you can use essential oils. Some natural essential oils are formulated for using on the outside of the body while other essential oils are edible.

Essential Oil Use 1: Peppermint and Eucalyptus

When you have congestion in your sinuses or lungs, pour eucalyptus or peppermint oil into an electrical diffuser to create a fragrance in the air that loosens the mucus. You can also add these essential oils to moisturizing lotions to rub on your face, neck and chest to eliminate congestion.

Essential Oil Use 2: Roman Chamomile or Rosemary

If you have a headache, then pour rosemary or Roman chamomile essential oil onto a washcloth to place on your forehead. The scent from these essential oils can relax the nerves in your face to eliminate a throbbing headache. You can also make a soothing hot beverage with edible chamomile essential oil and an herbal tea bag.

Essential Oil Use 3: Basil or Thyme

When you are bitten by a mosquito, you can rub the itchy red bump with thyme or basil essential oil. These oils have antibacterial properties to prevent inflammation on the skin where there is a mosquito bite.

Essential Oil Use 4: Lemon or Tea Tree Oil

To deodorize your feet to eliminate the odors from wearing smelly athletic shoes, you can add lemon or tea tree oil to a basin of warm water. Place your feet in this water to soak away the bacteria from the skin and toenails.

Essential Oil Use 5: Lavender or Sweet Geranium

When you are too worried to sleep at night, spray lavender or sweet geranium essential oil onto your bed pillow. Alternatively, pour these essential oils into a diffuser that is in your bedroom.

Essential Oil Use 6: Juniper or Wintergreen

If you have an aching knee or elbow after playing sports, then use wintergreen or juniper essential oil on the joint. These essential oils warm the skin, helping to relieve the discomfort in a joint’s tendons and cartilage.

Essential Oil Use 7: Clary Sage or Rosewood

When you burn your skin while preparing a meal, you can apply rosewood or clary sage essential oil to the blister. Continue to dab these essential oils on the burned skin for several days to prevent an infection.