Six Sunburn Skin Care Tips

If you forget to apply sunscreen lotion or cream, then you might develop sunburned skin while spending too much time outside. When you have pale skin, you can begin to sunburn in only a few minutes, but anyone who spends an extended amount of time outside is going to have sunburned skin that becomes red, swollen and painful. In addition, you are likely to have skin blisters or peeling skin within a few days of having sunburn. Here are some ways to care for sunburned skin to relieve the pain and to prevent additional problems later.

Sunburn Tip 1: Begin To Drink Water

When you have sunburned skin, your body needs more water immediately. Begin to drink as much water as possible to prevent dehydration that can make your sunburn feel more painful.

Sunburn Tip 2: Apply Aloe Vera Gel

Visit your local drugstore to buy soothing aloe vera gel that you can apply to the sunburned skin every few hours. Aloe vera gel is usually located next to the protective sunscreen lotion that you can buy at the same time to avoid having sunburned skin the next time that you go outside during the daytime.

Sunburn Tip 3: Apply Cold Compresses or Ice Packs

Create cold compresses with washcloths dipped in cold water, or alternatively, wrap an ice pack in a cloth to apply to your sunburned skin. This treatment helps with alleviating the discomfort from sunburn along with cooling the skin to prevent a fever.

Sunburn Tip 4: Wear Lightweight Clothing

Your skin will hurt after you become sunburned, so you should wear lightweight and loose clothing that doesn’t touch your skin. Choosing cotton or linen fabrics will permit air to circulate around your skin to help you feel better.

Sunburn Tip 5: Use Hydrocortisone Cream On Your Itchy Skin

When your skin is badly sunburned, the upper layers will begin to itch and peel, but you can apply hydrocortisone cream to relieve the itchiness. Avoid scratching your itchy skin or pulling away the loose tissue because it can lead to additional inflammation.

Sunburn Tip 6: Bathe or Shower In Cool Water

You can reduce the temperature and pain in your skin with a cool shower or bath. For the best relief, bathe or shower several times a day, but you should avoid using harsh soaps that can irritate your tender sunburned skin.