Six Ways To Relieve the Pain From Arthritis

Arthritis is a condition that primarily affects older individuals, but it is possible for younger adults and children to have particular types of arthritis. When you have arthritis, you will have pain and stiffness in one or more joints frequently. Additional symptoms from arthritis include:

• Red skin over a joint
• Swelling in a joint
• Bony outgrowths over joints
• Physical deformity of a joint

There are numerous varieties of arthritis that are caused by previous injury, genetics or aging. Whatever type of arthritis that you have, it is essential to find ways to relieve your discomfort to make your daily life easier. Here are a few ways to overcome arthritic pain.

Pain Relief 1: Warm Baths or Showers

The application of heat on your body can relieve the discomfort of arthritis to make it easier to walk and perform normal tasks. You might need a hot shower at the beginning of the day to feel better, or you may prefer a hot bath in the evening to help you sleep.

Pain Relief 2: Daily Exercise

Daily exercise can keep your joints more flexible to avoid more damage to the cartilage in your knees, fingers and wrists. Your physician might recommend riding a stationary bicycle, walking outside or performing a gentle yoga routine.

Pain Relief 3: Supportive Devices

If you have arthritis in certain joints, then you may need to use supportive devices while exercising. You can buy braces for your ankles, knees or wrists, and it is a good idea to protect your feet with orthotic devices that you insert into your shoes.

Pain Relief 4: Nutritional Therapy

By consuming a healthier diet, you can have less pain from arthritis. Fatty fish such as tuna and salmon contain omega-3 fatty acids that are beneficial for your joints. In addition, you should eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables to add more antioxidants to your meal plans.

Pain Relief 5: Massage

Depending on the type of arthritis that you have, a massage can relieve your pain by increasing your blood flow. If you have more blood circulation, then the inflammation in your sensitive arthritic joints will decline, helping you to feel better.

Pain Relief 6: Medications

Your physician can prescribe specialized medications that are designed for reducing the inflammation from arthritis. It is also possible to obtain pain relief from aspirin or acetaminophen.