Study Finds 60 Minutes of Exercise Reduces Depression

A recent study was published in the American Journal of Psychiatry. This study was filled with over 22,000 adults for Norway. These Norwegians all reported having no previous symptoms of depression. What makes this study especially important is that is was conducted over the course of 11 years. It’s true that none of the participants felt depression when the study began but that would soon change.

In the beginning of this study, 12% of those involved did not exercise. The remaining participants that exercised spent time doing this activity ranging from 30 minutes to over 4 hours each week. Certain patients were found to end up developing bouts of depression and anxiety throughout the study. Time reports that 7% of study participants were found to suffer from depression while 9% would develop anxiety. No discernible link was made to link lessened anxiety to exercising but the results were different for depression.

Researchers found out that participants who originally never exercised were 44% more likely to end up suffering from depression than patients regularly exercising. Study participants that participated in exercise ranging from one to four hours a week were not reported to have additional benefits. The researchers in this study feel that 12% of depression cases may be prevented through just one hour of exercise per week.

In summary, a recent study was conducted among Norwegian adults. The purpose of this study was to find out if there any links between anxiety and depression in regards to exercise. The participants were studied for a period of 11 years. The results found no link between exercise and positive effects on anxiety. However, many participants that never exercised were often likely to develop cases of depression. The results of this study strongly seem to suggest that exercising for as little as one hour per week may help to eliminate bouts of depression.