Sugar Free Natura Pellets

Sugar Free Natura Pellets Safe and beneficial for people with diabetes, Sugar Free Natura is made up of Sucralose. It is absolutely safe and approved by WHO, FSSAI & USFDA. Sugar Free Natura is ideal for health conscious, overweight and diabetics and absolutely safe. Sugar Free, a name synonymous to the sugar substitute category, is the leader in India with 94% market share. It’s a nutritious, safe and ideal low calorie sugar substitute, giving you the sweetness and taste of sugar but with negligible calories.

With this product I never miss my sweet dishes. Very useful product for diabetics. Gives natural taste of Sugar. doesn’t contain aspartame, it is fat free and calories free too. Sugar Free Natura Pellets are zero calorie sugar substitute which helps to control calories intake and keeps one fit and healthy. It is an ideal alternative for all-fitness seekers, diabetics and weight conscious people.

Key Features

  • It is sugar free
  • It is a healthy option
  • It helps to reduce calorie intake in the body
  • It mixes easily with all foods
  • Helps you to cut down unwanted calories of sugar to keep you fit. It can be used practically whenever you use sugar like gajar ka halwa, souffle, ice cream, custard


  • Energy – 2 kcl Protein – 0.0 Fat – 0.0 Carbohydrate – 0.5 gm