Sussex Healthcare Provides A Complete Wellness Environment for Seniors

Sussex Healthcare is a professional and independent company. The organization runs a group of 20 homes, which provide essential care to the community of Sussex Healthcare. The group has been operational for around 25 years, and they offer a range of treatments that are designed to improve the wellness of each resident of Sussex Healthcare. The group began operating in 1985, and it grew over time. With a reputation firmly established in the Sussex area, the community now has access to quality care for the elderly, disabled or developmentally challenged.

Professionals at Sussex Healthcare

The caregivers at the Sussex Healthcare homes are dedicated professionals who take their work very seriously. Many of these facilities offer nursing care on a 24 hour basis. The staff understands the mission of Sussex Healthcare, which includes providing care on several levels. This includes social, physical, emotional and rehabilitative support services. The caregivers are all committed to continuing their professional education and remaining updated on the latest developments in their field of work.

Supportive Environment

The homes are designed to provide the maximum comfort possible for the patients. This includes a well-balanced diet for the meals, which are prepared from fresh, local ingredients whenever possible. The buildings are constructed from materials that are nontoxic, and this is an important consideration for the family members of many patients. The facilities offer a variety of services for recreation, relaxing and rehabilitation. Professionals with certification and advanced training provide therapeutic treatments that are known to improve the function of individuals who are suffering from various ailments due to either injury or age.

Patients and Services

The facility is designed to accommodate the needs of patients who are suffering from various ailments related to age or disability. The Sussex Healthcare professionals who serve these clients are well-trained in techniques and methods that are known to improve health and wellness.

The clientele includes individuals who suffer from the following:

• Dementia and Alzheimer’s patients
• Elderly
• Disabled
• Developmental disorders
• Learning disabilities
• Neurological conditions

The comprehensive treatment plans account for the whole patient as a person, and they go well beyond the approach to medicine that only considers the symptoms. The organizational philosophy at Sussex Healthcare regards health as a condition that is relative to the whole individual. This is why health is not regarded as the lack of disease. All aspects of the patient’s life are taken into consideration, and the programs reflect this approach. Each person participates in the planning of their routine, and it is designed to include recreational activities as well as diet and exercise. Social skills are enhanced, and educational programming is provided for individuals who wish to develop their abilities to the highest level possible.

Services at Sussex Healthcare

There are many specific forms of treatments available at the Sussex Healthcare homes. Participation is encouraged, and each person can benefit from a combination of programs that meet their specific needs. This can assist family members who need assurance that the environment is allowing their loved one to achieve optimal wellness. Staff members are always available to answer any questions you may have about these adjunct services, which provide an opportunity for every person to improve their quality of life. Some of these modalities might be unfamiliar, so the professionals who work at Sussex Healthcare understand the need to communicate the value of these treatments during the initial planning stage.

• Physiotherapy
• Hydrotherapy
• Lifestyle consultation services
• Rehabilitation programs
• Gym access
• Personal training
• Educational programs
• Customized therapy

Providing essential care to patients is only one aspect of the total mission of Sussex Healthcare. The team of professional caregivers is also committed to offering wellness programs and additional services that are designed to improve the quality of life for every patient. Therapeutic programs include various treatments, and the care center always provides access to the most current technologies available. This may include rehabilitation equipment, physical therapy machines, and programs designed to improve the wellness of each patient. The process begins with a consultation, and referrals can be made to any of the professional therapists who provide services onsite.

The integration of support therapies with a serene environment and a healthy diet contribute to the overall wellness of the clients. Every patient receives a daily review of their condition to track the changes over time. Exercise programs are available to help patients to develop their core strength while also targeting areas that need additional support. This includes posture, muscle strength and other supportive therapies. Each individual receives the personal support they need in order to meet the personal objectives outlined in the health plan as a whole. Educational services are also available, and this helps to keep patients functioning within a structure that supports their personal development.

Choosing Sussex Healthcare

This group of independent homes offers high-quality care to the clients of Sussex Healthcare. The leaders at Sussex Healthcare use a philosophy that engages clients on every level of wellness. This involves the integration of social activities, recreational time and other programs that promote the well-being of the whole person. The concept of supporting patients with care on all levels is integrated into the program at these homes. This is an important aspect of the recovery process for patients who are suffering from various disabilities and disorders. Neurological patients and those who have degenerative conditions benefit the most from the integrated wellness protocols offered at the Sussex Healthcare homes.

Every patient at Sussex Healthcare will receive the highest level of care possible. The premises were designed in a way that encourages every individual to live according to their fullest potential. The property is clean and well-maintained, so family members can rest assured that their loved one has all their needs met. Patients are provided with a variety of learning activities and specialized programming, which allows growth and development while at Sussex. The combination of diet, environment and exercise supports the therapeutic program while also improving the quality of every patient’s life. Family members are encouraged to contact the office with any questions about the facilities, services or care options. Our staff members are always available to answer any questions you might have about the Sussex Healthcare group of homes.

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