Surrey and Sussex Healthcare Trust Receives an Outstanding Rating

The staff at the Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS was praised by the Chief Inspector of Hospitals for their hard work as well as their commitment to making the hospital a place that people can actually feel at home and comfortable. The place was valued to provide a safe zone for both emergency as well as non-emergency services to the residents of South Croydon, East Surrey, and the North-East West Sussex.

Truly, it was a great day for everyone in the Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS as well as the patients who have received their services when they learned the good news! In addition to all of this, the NHS staff also received other compliments and praise including an outstanding rating; one that is considered the very top in the hospital industry. People congratulated and praised them for all of the accomplishments they have made over the years. However, this was not always the case. SASH had to undergo a lot of conditioning despite the issues and controversies surrounding them,

Despite all of these controversies, all of which will be discussed later on, the people from the Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust or most commonly referred to as SASH received the top rating in the hospital industry which pertains to the caring, loving, well-led, and responsive service they provide for everyone who visits the hospital. In addition, one can truly feel safe around them and their procedures and operations are very effective. Moreover, SASH becomes one of the other nine trusts in England which is noted as outstanding by this year 2019.

Reports from the Care Quality Commission

Inspectors from the Care Quality Commission or CQC actually visited the East Surrey Hospital Redhill last November of 2018. It was noted that to acquire a quality score for the five core services, which are surgery, maternity assistance, medical attention, urgent and emergency care, and outpatients service, all of these had to be inspected one by one, alongside the management and leadership.

The managers and supervisors were happy to note that there was an evident improvement. The hospital industry is one of the industries in which the whole community heavily relies on which makes this award very note-worthy. SASH was able to prove to everyone that you do not start from the top. In fact, you work your way up to the top.

What Happened in May 2014?

In fact, way before this award was given to SASH, the CQC judged their services with a rating of only Good in May of 2014. However, in some areas such as the outpatient services, this was in desperate need of improvement.

The report into the SASH Trust was made public on the 18th of January this year – and the results truly shocked everyone. In this year’s inspection, there was an evident improvement that had been made in the outpatient’s services. It was also noted that SASH had previously struggled with the high request for this particular service, as explained by the CQC.

The Chief Inspector of Hospitals, Professor Edward Baker, announced that the trust had clearly been built on those conclusions in “a culture of continuous improvement”. He even added that hard work results in a big difference to the lives of those using the actual services. He further shared how everyone who has played a crucial role in the betterment of the outpatient’s service would know the challenges and difficulties encountered; nonetheless, they should be proud of what they had accomplished.

Michael Wilson, the Chief Executive of SASH, claimed that all the hard work and commitment was definitely worth it in the end. In addition, everyone who was involved in the project should definitely continue to be the best of what they can be at SASH. He further added that every time people come to SASH, they seek the comfort and professional care of the staff. The people at SASH – those who are working and those who are patients – should be proud of what SASH has accomplished. Now, the commitment put in by the whole team has been recognized.

The staff at SASH truly went above as well as beyond to meet the emotional and the physical needs of their patients. They took their time in getting to know as well as understanding what the patients are experiencing, who they are as a person, and their struggles as well. They ensure that they were comfortable as well as responded to them compassionately. To those in pain or even in distress, they provided them with care, reassurance, and support.

In general, inspectors recognized a number of areas of excellent practice, including the maternity team at SASH, which actually had been shortlisted in the national awards under the maternity safety category for the umbrella of development of safety pin notices; these are being used to share lessons that improved patient care. These were displayed in all of the clinical areas and were actually sent as weekly updates to all staff across the organization. In addition, this initiative has been shared as well as adopted by the NHS trusts across the country.

Issues Concerning the Previous BBC Reports

The East Surrey Hospital’s Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust were congratulated many times as having been rated as Outstanding. This signals a significant turnaround and a greatly justified reward for the commitment of its staff. In addition, those who managed SASH were pleased despite the BBC report concerning the last patient survey which was taken last 2018 that showed local methods operating above the national average on both providing meetings and the decision of meeting offered.

By now, everyone will have their own opinions as well as experiences. For sure, it will always vary between the practices offered by each hospital but the BBC report including the patient satisfaction is not necessarily inconsistent. Moreover, more and more factors affect the demand for certain GP appointments rather than the usual numbers of patients – which takes into consideration the general health of the community.

In addition, the report from the BBC did highlight the real concern facing everyone today at SASH. Despite having similar GP funding patterns nationally, there is still a sense of difficulty in actually filling GP vacancies – especially when these are locally advertised. There will always be a risk in this situation.

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What has Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS or SASH got to say about this award?

To be classified as Most Outstanding is actually a very rare distinction. In fact, the CQC’s figures present numbers that for the previous months there was only less than three percent (which is 32 out of 1110) of the health and care providers that received this rating.

Moreover, people from SASH are truly thrilled at this accomplishment. The hard work and commitment have finally paid off as SASH ensures the best that it can be in the coming years. They will be committed to becoming the best of the best and to continue to provide high-quality service to their patients.

The patients were also thrilled as they agree indefinitely that SASH should have been labeled as outstanding in the hospital industry. The staff involved with the particular patients have seen how the health care center provided a treatment that the patients deserve, what they received was beyond no other. It was about time that the staff at SASH had finally earned what they were supposed to be recognized for

There were those who have congratulated the staff at SASH including Chief Inspector of Hospitals, Professor Edward Baker, Anne Eden, Regional Director South East, Michael Wilson, and Richard Shaw.

To be given the rating of outstanding means that the people who go to your hospital truly saw and experienced the unfailing focus and attention given to them during their visits. Each commitment and contribution over the last years were what made SASH received the award for Most Outstanding. The transformation and improvement over the years were also very inspirational. All health care services across the country should know what SASH has provided to the community.

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