Switzerland Has Healthcare Down To A Fine-Tuned Science

The healthcare debacle is front and center again. The 2020 election campaign got started early this year. President Trump started to campaign the day after he won the 2016 election, according to the Democrats. The Democrats believe they can send Trump to Mar-a-Lago permanently in 2020, but that might be harder than they think, according to Fox News.

Several issues will make the 2020 campaign one for the record books. According to new consumer polls, healthcare, daycare, a higher minimum wage, immigration, and election reform will be on the minds of most American voters.

The Democrats want their ideas to become law if they take over the White House. But there’s still a lot of questions Democrats must answer in order for those issues to float in the political swamp. Healthcare for all is one of the main issues the Democrats have to sell to all Americans. If they do sell their version of healthcare, they have to make sure lawmakers make it work for all Americans just like the Swiss do with their mandatory healthcare system.

Obviously, a country that doesn’t make war a priority has less stress in its DNA. And less stress produces less illness, according to healthcare professionals. According to U.S. News and World Report, Switzerland is the best country in the world. U.S. News and World Report makes that claim for two reasons. Switzerland has an awesome health care system, and the country displays consistent political and economic security. On average, the Swiss live to be 83-years-old. That’s four years longer than Americans live.

According to a Fortune article, Switzerland’s mandatory basic health insurance gives all citizens access to excellent health care at affordable prices. All Swiss citizens must have mandatory health insurance. It’s a law, and once they have it, pre-existing conditions are part of the coverage. If low-income citizens need help purchasing mandatory health insurance, the government will pay to cover them. And that means those citizens will have access to all the care the mandatory health insurance offers. And the other good Swiss healthcare news is patients can choose the healthcare provider they want to use without worrying about exclusions.

But even though the Swiss have great health insurance, the out-of-pocket expenses are high, and healthcare premiums continue to escalate faster than income levels. But the Swiss healthcare system is still less expensive and better than the current American healthcare system, according to Fortune.

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