The American Heart Association Giving Financial Incentives To Improve The World

The against heart disease continues to rage on and the American Heart Association aims to lead the battle. Heart disease is the number one killer in America and most countries, and the death toll continues to worsen. This is why the association is starting to invest into initiatives against the disease.

African Americans have the highest risk for heart disease. It comes from a combination of living in poverty and being genetically more likely to have heart disease. This is why health prevention methods especially need to come to these communities.

Empowered is an initiative to invite small companies and teams to create powerful storytelling advertisements to promote good health in poor communities. They will be rewarded for coming up with unique ways to promote the prevention of heart disease and stroke. This will help the lower-class multicultural communities thrive in the United States.

The association is also working to provide economic stability and education to these poorer communities, which promotes good health in the first place. Health care access is another important factor, which is difficult considering the political climate of the country.

Getting down to the finances, the association is willing to give $30,000 to the first place winner of the competition. The second place winner will receive $20,000 and the next place will get $10,000. The winners will be announced at the EmPOWERED To Serve Summit in Washington D.C. Applicants will have to turn in their submissions by September 5th of this year.

About The American Heart Association
The American Heart Association has been promoting healthy eating and improved heart health for decades. They now have 156 offices with over 3,000 employees all around the country. They use their funds to donate towards research, education, and promotional materials to increase the strength of the organization. It was originally founded in New York, but they have been operating out of Dallas since 1975. They promote diversity amongst their organization and they also aim to help minority groups by promoting health and increasing access to health care. Without the help of the organization, the American people would feel helpless in the face of their biggest killer, heart disease.

The Healthy For Good is another one of their promotional campaigns in which they try to teach the public which foods are good for heart health. They have tips, tricks, and instructional videos to help people learn more about heart health. It has purely scientific information without any promotional material.