The Increased Popularity of the Vegetarian Lifestyle as a Healthy Choice

Rise of the Vegan reports that veganism is on the rise and has exploded since 2014, growing an impressive 500 percent. The benefits of being a vegetarian are many. The health benefits alone are substantial. When you add in the facts that this cruelty-free and environmentally-friendly way of eating appeals to good samaritans who want to protect animal rights and the environment, it is easy to understand why people are turning to vegetarianism.

Health Benefits

Multiple studies suggest that eating this type of diet improves heart health and lowers the incidence of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other chronic diseases. Not so surprisingly, based on this reduction in chronic diseases, JAMA reports that recent studies indicate that vegetarian diets are associated with lower mortality rates. When considering these facts, it is not surprising that health-conscious people everywhere are taking a serious look at plant-based eating.

Heart Health

The Atlantic confirms that heart disease is still the number one killer in the U.S., making it a significant risk for a large segment of the population. The good news is that in many cases heart disease can be prevented by eating a heart-healthy diet. Harvard Health Publishing claims that there is conclusive evidence from five studies reviewing 76,000 participants, that vegetarians enjoy better heart health, with the odds in their favor by 25 percent over meat-eaters that they will not die of heart disease.

Cancer Diet

When your mother told you to eat your fruits and vegetables, she knew what she was talking about. A respectable number of studies, in the hundreds, strongly suggest that vegetarians are less likely to develop cancer. This fact is not so surprising when you examine the “why” of this result. Considering that vegetarians are much more likely to get the recommended five or six daily servings of fruits and vegetables, this revelation about vegetarians having a lower incidence of cancer makes sense. It is noteworthy to also acknowledge that vegetarians who ate fish showed an even lower rate of cancer.


There is sufficient evidence that eating as a vegetarian makes sense for health-conscious individuals. It has even become trendy. If restaurant menus and grocery store selections are any indication, it easy to see that vegetarians are claiming their position as an economic powerhouse to be taken seriously.