There’s A Wellness Exercise Men Can Do Outside Of The Gym

Men like to release their inner-gorilla personality when they are working out. Most men believe the Swartzanegger look is the Everest of wellness. But that inflated sense of narcissism has more to do with flaunting a physical wellness on the world stage than actually reaching the state of wellness. Yep. Wellness is a state, not a feeling. And you can only reach that state when you believe you can.

Believing you can live in the state of wellness takes work. A man’s first job is to wake up from his narrow-minded attitude toward wellness. Wellness is not the end product that comes from a dirty-sock-smelling gym or an abundance of aerobic exercise. Those things are on the list of wellness builders, but men have to look within instead of looking out if they want to experience wellness.

Many men forget about the wellness activities that connect them to the state of wellness. Yoga and Tai Chi are the superfoods of wellness. But men get trapped by the hard-core physical aspect of wellness. They get caught in a wellness tributary, not the state. Those men forget the importance of mindfulness exercises.

Mindfulness exercises begin when men live in the present moment. Most men forget to pay attention to what they are doing in the moment. They are thinking about what’s next, and what they did yesterday. The current moment gets lost in expectations and regrets. Men are usually on auto-pilot when it comes paying attention to what they think. They let their brain do the work instead of listening to the positive voice that is a component of mindfulness.

When men start listening to their peaceful inner voice, they perceive events and themselves differently. Mindful men are able to control their emotions. They use them as signals instead of land minds. When men accept responsibility for their thoughts, they begin to feel and see what their thoughts do to their bodies.

The best way for men to reach the state of wellness is to believe all men create their own reality. Men choose what to believe, how to look, and what to experience through those beliefs.

Mindfulness is the fuel that takes men to the state of wellness. A man’s body consciousness controls the condition of a man’s mindfulness. Not all mindfulness exercises jive with a man’s ego. The gorilla ego in men wants to run the wellness show, so theirs is a constant conflict between a man’s ego and his mindfulness. Whatever part of a man wins determines the size and the condition of a man’s wellness. For more info, visit