Three Main Areas Of Personal Wellness

Personal wellness is very important. It dictates how healthy we are and how happy we are. It is an overall summary of how well we are living our lives.

There are three main areas that make up personal wellness. They are spiritual wellness, physical wellness, and mental and emotional wellness. People can be their best selves when these parts of their lives are in good alignment.

Spiritual Wellness
Everyone is spiritual. While not everyone believes in God or in many gods, everyone does believe in something. This is the part of their lives that is spiritual.

Some people simply believe in doing good to others and in being kind people. When they show kindness and see kindness, they feel good on the inside. This is because acts of kindness and love trigger something within their very core, making their spirit light.

Likewise, when these people see wrong being done to them or to others, they become very upset. Although the wrong isn’t being done to them, they feel that something is very wrong, and something within them does not agree with the actions that are taking place. This is an example of their spirits being vexed.

Although no one can control everyone’s actions, one can keep himself spiritually well by viewing things or doing things that will keep him from feeling vexed.

Physical Wellness
Physical wellness is an aspect of personal wellness that most people know about but not many people take the time to work at. Working on your physical wellness is easier than you may think, however.

Don’t have time to exercise? No problem; sometimes physical wellness can be as simple as drinking enough water throughout the day. If you don’t have the time to work out and sweat those toxins out, drinking water and urinating is another way to expel the toxins.

If you work a job that leaves your body sore, don’t accept the soreness. Reach out to a massage therapist or to your spouse so that your body can get the attention and massage that it needs. Even though the soreness passes with time, don’t allow yourself to feel physically sore if you can do something to rid your body of the pain.

Mental and Emotional Wellness
Mental and emotional wellness is huge. If you are a mentally stable person, you will most likely be driven to have an excellent day and to live your fullest life.

However, if there are factors in your life that keep you stressed out and weighed down, you must find ways to remove them. Maneuvering through life in a depressed state wreaks havoc on your personal wellness.

If the negative situations in your life can’t be removed in a hurry, try small things such as massaging your temples or taking a relaxing bath or shower. These few moments of peace can relieve stress until you can find more permanent solutions. To learn more, visit