Tips for Weight Loss

Fitness experts say that people keep on asking them why they struggle with weight yet others do it effortlessly. However, there is a new revelation that has been offered by a new study known as Biggest Loser. The television show discovered that physical activity is very crucial if you are to keep fit. The study involved 14 participants. The study found out that for the people who managed to maintain a constant weight loss, they were active in physical activities. This included moderate physical activities such as walking for 80 minutes. There was also another group that went for vigorous activities such as running for 35 minutes. However, the researchers didn’t manage to put a distinction between the commonly referenced purposeful exercises. This includes issues such as working out exercise, doing exercise in the gym or exercises that are done during the day. This could include a host of activities such as taking the stairs or even walking. In the past, people relied on Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. For instance, under these guidelines, people who want to stay fit should get involved in 150 minutes of moderate exercise every week. Consequently, they can opt for 75 minutes of vigorous exercise every week.

With the new study, it was published in the Journal of Obesity on Tuesday. This is a study that saw the participation of Integrative Physiology Section at National Institute of Diabetes chief Kevin Hall. He is also involved with the Digestive and Kidney Disease National Institute. The lead author appreciates that the study is very small. He further says that the study has not been replicated elsewhere. However, he says that it serves an important tool in determining how people who had lost weight went back to obesity again. This happened despite these people using state of the art equipment. The tests were done at intervals of six weeks, thirty weeks and six years. A professor at Brown University known as Rena Wing said that the findings were very crucial. Other than being a lecturer, Mrs. Wing is also the founder of National Weight Registry. She says that weight loss has two determinants. This includes the food eaten and the type of physical activities you settle for. Some of the participants who managed to shed off weight attributed continuous exercise to weight loss. This is true for the people who have a tendency of regaining weight. The Biggest Loser is an annual contest.