‘Top Chef’ Judge Richard Blais Loses 60 Pounds

Losing weight is a major concern for millions of overweight Americans, so it’s always interesting to learn how someone achieved their own weight management goals. The most recent victor in the battle of the bulge is Top Chef judge and chef to the stars, Richard Blais.
How Did It Get So Bad?
Currently, Blais stands at 5’9″ and weighs in at just 170 pounds, but it wasn’t always that way. Even though he started out as a fit and active child, things changed with his first job, which he landed at one still popular fast food joint. Working at McDonalds, Richard found it easy to snack on his favorite foods and recalls getting to take home the leftover McNuggets every night.
Even as Blais moved up the chain in the restaurant business, his affection for junk food and sweets proved hazardous to his weight. He admits that he indulged in comfort food far too often, especially when he felt bad about himself or his situation in life. Eventually, Blais says he developed a body type very similar to that of Barney Rubble from The Flintstones.
Finally, Richard admitted that it was time to change. He had to get his former fit body style back and he wanted to live a happier life. That meant altering his entire outlook and adding new hobbies that would encourage weight loss, while discouraging his sweet tooth. When asked how he lost 60 pounds so efficiently, Blais isn’t shy about sharing his secrets.
Richard Blais Shares The Secret To His Weight Loss Success
The Top Chef judge recalls that the period in which he chose to change his lifestyle was a tumultuous time in his life. He had just started dating the woman he would marry and his own restaurant was going out of business. Blais says he and his future wife were training for his first 10K marathon. That helped him stay motivated, even through the dark experience of losing his business.
“I had these two really important things happening in my life — a business failure basically, and then the future love of my life in front of me,” said Mr. Blais. “I needed both of those emotional things to happen to kick-start my change of lifestyle.”
So, how did he do it? Richard says he instituted a series of trade-offs. Instead of pizza, he worked out. Winning his Top Chef competition also helped to boost his confidence and encouraged him to indulge in his fitness craze that much more. It was all about limiting his passion for food and turning that into a love of life and fitness.
Today, Richard Blais is even more active than he was as a young teenager. He works out regularly and runs everyday. Richard says he feels off, if he doesn’t run a minimum of 20 to 30 miles per week. He even started running in competition, finding it much more rewarding than stuffing his face with sweets.
What advice does Blais have for others?
“The main thing that you need is some positive thinking, and you have to trust that if you do it for a couple of weeks and you get out there for 10 minutes a day, then 15 minutes, then 30, and you make the effort, it will eventually pay off.”