Troy McQuagge Talks Up The Fastest Growing Medical Careers

Qualifying for college is one of the best feelings anyone could ever have. It is a reward and evidence of the work done up to this point. However, for many college students, that excitement starts to fade away when they realize just how hard it can be to choose from hundreds of careers. It is even harder when you have no idea where your passion lies, or where your strengths are more evident.

The healthcare industry is one of the largest sectors that have never stopped growing. Millions of people have been employed in various sectors of this industry as more new job opportunities keep coming up. Therefore, if you are in college and planning a career path in this particular field, you are spoiled for choices.

Troy McQuagge is a prominent insurance executive, the CEO, and president of USHealth Group. Even with his numerous notable achievements in the work field for more than thirty years, Troy remains a humble man. His capacity to thrive has also made USHealth Group and many other companies he has worked for grow and rise. Troy McQuagge is highly experienced in the healthcare industry, and it is for this reason that he was able to give expert advice on some of the top rising health careers.


As Troy explained, pharmacy is one of the top high-paying jobs in the healthcare industry, that is also on the rise. The work of pharmacists is to dispense medical prescriptions to patients, and also offer expertise in the safe use of those prescriptions. Pharmacists can also provide immunizations, carry out health and wellness screenings on patients, as well as give advice on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

To become a pharmacist, you will need a Doctoral in Pharmacy, and a four-year professional degree. A state license is also a must. With the progressive rising demand for prescription medications, pharmacists are crucial professionals in the society.

Physician Assistant

Troy McQuagge mentioned that this is one of the understaffed professions, yet the services of physician assistants are always in high demand. These professionals work under the direction of licensed doctors. They are taught and trained to offer therapeutic and diagnostic services, as well as to administer supervised preventative health. They also set up and review laboratory tests and x rays, and evaluate patients for treatment.

Becoming a physician assistant will require the completion of accredited educational programs that will eventually lead to a Master’s Degree. You will also need a medical license. There are also not many physicians available; that is why being an assistant is a stable job and career. Physician assistants will always fill in and be present where doctors are absent. This includes places like rural homes and inner city.

USHealth Group CEO Troy McQuagge and Son

Dental Hygienist

Countries and States in the entire world need dental hygienists now more than ever. Children can no longer do without candy or chocolate, and ice cream seems to be every person’s favorite snack. Smoking is also on the rise; in other words, people are paying less attention to their oral health. That is where dental hygienists come in.

These professionals clean teeth for patients and provide preventative dental care measures. Moreover, they examine people for signs of decay or oral infections and educate them on how they can maintain good oral health.

To pursue this career path, you will require a minimum of an Associate’s Degree in dental hygiene.


Paramedics, also known as emergency medical technicians, are more than often the first people to arrive at the scene following an emergency. The emergency could be a car accident, the collapse of a building or a house fire. Paramedics are responsible for providing the first medical attention to victims of such calamities. They are therefore trained to act fast because in many scenarios lives re always hanging in the balance.

Paramedics will always operate in teams, and they also work side by side with firefighters or police officers to offer the best care in critical situations. They can also provide additional pre-hospital care where they might be required to operate sophisticated medical equipment or administer medication.

To enroll for training in this field, the minimum qualification you will need is a high school diploma. Then training will vary depending on the professional level you will desire. However, each level emphasizes physiology, anatomy and medical skills. You will take up to two years, and most likely complete with an Associate Degree.

Troy McQuagge and even his son are multi-award winning successes in the Health industry. Read about their accomplishments on PRWeb.  His company USHealth Group has also won it’s fair share of health field awards.