Trump Administration To Allow States And Businesses To Import Prescription Drugs From Other Nations Soon

Right after Donald Trump assumed his role as the President of the United States in Jan. 2017, he publicly shared that he was interested in making regulatory changes that would ultimately reduce the price of prescription drugs here in the United States, where prescriptions cost more than anywhere else on planet Earth.

However, even though President Trump said that he wanted to achieve the lowering of American prescription drug prices, he didn’t actually go through with his plants to do so.

At first, consumers largely rejoiced and pharmaceutical industry companies felt butterflies in their proverbial stomachs. However, after it was clear that President Trump wasn’t going to go through with the regulatory changes that he claimed he was going to carry out in the name of lowering United States prescription drug prices, pharmaceutical companies have grown back into their confident selves and consumers have had no choice but to put up with the excessively high prices of prescription drugs.

Recently, just earlier today, on Wednesday, July 31, 2019, President Donald Trump and his high-level federal agency administrators had teed off against pharmaceutical companies based in the United States through announcing that the presidential administration would undoubtedly manage to bring in prescription drugs from Canada, which are many, many times cheaper than the same exact drugs sold in the United States. The Trump administration also made clear that the United States hadn’t ruled out importing drugs from all other countries, though most of them would likely come from Canada, considering that Canada has some of the cheapest drugs on the planet and it’s right next door – well, technically, it’s upstairs, if you’re looking at a map of North America.

According to members of the United States Department of Health, under the direction of President Donald Trump, both states and businesses would be able to get involved in the importation of prescription drugs before the end of 2019.

Even though the drugs that such entities will soon be able to source from much cheaper sources than what is available domestically, federal agencies among the highest level of the United States government would ramp up the oversight of pharmaceutical dealings to make sure that consumers will be safe upon consuming such drugs.

You might be surprised to learn that many members of the Republican Party, of which Donald Trump is a representative of, are actually in disagreement with what Trump wants to do.