Vigorous Exercise Can Help The Fight Against Parkinson’s Disease

Vigorous or intense exercise can slow the progression of Parkinson’s disease according to a new medical study looking into how to halt the progression of the disease. This same study had another very surprising find. It found that light exercise seemed to have no effect on slowing down the disease.

Parkinson’s disease is a common neurological disease that typically affects older people. It is a progressive disease which means that it gets worse with time. It affects a person’s memory as well as motor abilities and balance. So far, there is no treatment for the disease. Medicine can only help alleviate some of the pain and symptoms associated with this progressive and debilitating disease.

The good news for Parkinson’s disease is that there is a way to stop or at the very least slow down the progression of the disease in a significant way. Physical activity has shown that it could produce positive results in people and mice. Doctors believe that if a person’s early stage progression is slowed, it could help prevent the appearance of the late stage form of Parkinson’s from occurring. The late stages of the diseases are the most crippling.

Scattered research exists that shows physical activity can be beneficial for Parkinson’s. However, no authoritative studies that show a clear connection between exercise and progression of Parkinson’s disease existed until a new study came out. This new study divided people up into three groups. One group was told to not exercise or be active. A second group was told to do moderate exercise such as a walk or brisk job. The third group was told to do strenuous exercise on a regular basis.

After several months, doctors measured the progression of the disease in each of the groups. People in the group who did not exercise had a progression of several points. Those who did moderate exercise had a slight progression of Parkinson’s. The last group showed little to no progression. This study highlighted the fact that physical activity could indeed slow down Parkinson’s disease.

Doctors believe that vigorous exercise can stimulate the brain and make it more resilient. A key takeaway here is that vigorous exercise will help slow down the disease significantly when Parkinson’s is in its early stages. The sooner someone begins exercising vigorously with Parkinson’s the better. Doctors are now planning a further study into why exactly vigorous exercise is effective at combating Parkinson’s. One theory is that it improves circulation and blood flow.