Why Sleep is Critical for Weight Loss

Millions of people in the United States want to lose weight and feel more energetic. When changing lifestyle behaviors, most people focus on their diet and exercise. However, new studies show the importance of sleep for people trying to lose weight.

A recent study indicates that long-term sleep loss contributes to weight gain. There are multiple reasons why this can happen. When a person does not get adequate sleep, hormones within the body change. A lack of sleep can trigger a stress response that promotes weight gain. By prioritizing sleep, most people can drastically improve their chances of losing fat.

How to Get Better Sleep

There are numerous ways that people can change their environment to get better sleep. Most people look at electronic devices before going to sleep. Almost all electronic devices emit a particular type of light that stimulates the brain. By looking at a phone before bed, a person tells their brain to stay awake.

People should avoid looking at their phone as much as possible during the evening. Specific lighting options dim as the sun goes down. Using candles instead of artificial light is another great way to reduce light exposure at night.

Sleeping in a dark room is another critical aspect of getting better sleep. Instead of having multiple light sources on, a person should turn off all electronics. If something has to stay on, a sleep mask can make a drastic difference in how a person sleeps.

Health Changes

Most people will not feel better after just one night of quality sleep. Instead, the benefits of enough sleep are usually realized over a period of several weeks. After making lifestyle changes, many people will notice higher levels of energy and mental concentration. Instead of being drowsy all day, people who get enough sleep have adequate energy.

Changing the diet is another way to get better sleep. By avoiding processed food before bed, people will fall asleep much faster. It is also a good idea to avoid caffeinated beverages for several hours before bed.

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